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Fundraising Resource

The Fundraising Resource For Your Non-Profit Organisation

Getting the right piece of information from the internet is one of the most critical aspects of starting a fundraiser. There are tons of reliable resources online from trusted sites and organisations. You may be looking for the best resource on fundraising marketing strategy, capital campaign and many more. With so much information from the internet, it’s difficult to know where to even begin and which ones to follow. We know how fundraising consumes so much of your time and energy, so researching the right information shouldn’t be.

That’s where The Fundraising Resource comes in. We have a dedicated team of experts with the best pieces of advice on fundraisers. For this article, we’ll tackle the importance of capital campaigns and other reliable resources you need.

Fundraising Resource
Capital Campaigns

What Are Capital Campaigns?

Most often than not, your organisation will have an important project that’ll need funds to push through. These types of projects would normally require a significant amount may it be for a renovation of a building or building houses for charity.

This is where the capital campaign comes into consideration. A capital campaign is an extensive, complex and targeted type of fundraiser for long-term goals. It comprises two phases: the quiet and public phase. The quiet phases involve raising funds through major gifts, whereas the public phase involves raising funds by requesting donations at a larger scale.

The Importance Of Capital Campaign

Setting up a solid capital campaign is important since it is the most effective way in raising funds for a vital expansion, whether for your organisation, a school, or a hospital. Rather than hosting a one-time event, capital campaigns will help you raise funds in a specific time frame.

For a successful capital campaign, a strict plan or timeline should be followed. Firstly, there should be a clear goal set in mind for your team. Always follow the deadlines on your timetable so you don’t prolong the quiet and public phase. Lastly, having a good and dedicated team working in your organisation is going to be the very foundation of the success of your capital campaign.

Effective Fundraising

Resources for Effective Fundraising

After completing the course, you’ll be equipped with in-depth knowledge in establishing a fundraising event. You should be able to identify your cause and decipher the best methods in asking for donations. On top of that, you’ll learn how to attain long-term and loyal supporters to support your cause. As we’ve mentioned, developing a sound strategy that works for you is the key element in having a successful fundraising event.

If you’re an individual, an organisation, or a volunteer group who is interested in fundraisers, then our fundraising training is the most informational resource to help you get started. We have several fundraising ideas that may suit your organisation’s persona. These ideas prove to be effective and most importantly profitable for your organisation.