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Ukraine Charity Organisations Through Which You Can Help War Victims

Uniting the world for Ukraine through Donations

Send donations to your preferred fundraising resource and change the lives of war victims in Ukraine today. As the world unites in calling for a negotiated end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we call on you to offer humanitarian assistance to war victims who mainly include children, women, the elderly, and even soldiers on the battlefield. The continued shelling of residential areas has left thousands homeless and your contribution in cash or kind will go a long way.

How To Help

If you have seen the extent to which Ukrainian war victims are suffering and wish to send your donations and support, we have listed five charity organisations operating in Ukraine. While you can provide direct support to the Ukrainians, charity organisations offer convenience to those who are far by ensuring proper utilisation of the resources. Trust the following groups to deliver your donations to the victims of armed conflict:

Ukrainian Red Cross – A global organisation known for providing aid such as healthcare, food, and shelter to the people of Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster. The group has been actively involved in supporting the war victims by organising funding sources from the time Russia invaded Ukraine. The World Central Kitchen – This organisation is concerned with the distribution of meals and food to millions of disaster victims in various parts of the world. In Ukraine’s conflict, the World Central Kitchen is actively involved in feeding the Ukrainian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries such as Poland. If you are in these countries and wish to send your food donation, keep checking for updates on their social media pages and website. Voices of Children – This is a mental health organisation that provides counselling and clinical care support for war victims having psychosocial disorders such as trauma. If you are a psychologist wishing to offer the services, especially to children, just visit their website for more information on how to send your aid.

How You Can Send Military Aid To Ukrainian Soldiers

If you are an arms manufacturer or health organisation wondering how you can contribute to Ukraine charity, we have rounded two agencies through which you can make donations. International Medical Corps – This charity organisation provides specialised medical aid to various groups who are affected by disasters such as disease outbreaks, war, or violence. International Medical Corps has well-coordinated programmes for distributing aid to needy groups and can be trusted to deliver your donations such as medical supplies and expertise. Ukraine Defense Ministry – If you live in a foreign country and wish to donate military supplies to Ukraine, you can contact the defence ministry through the local embassy. Such donations are highly sensitive and you may need to fill out multiple documents and approval forms first.